Athletics, which emphasize teamwork, integrity, competition, and sportsmanship, are essential to the Woodberry Way. Student-athletes earn victories through hard work and hard lessons.


The Tigers triumph on Hanes Field.

Victory is more than winning

At Woodberry, nothing builds teamwork like competing on the field. Nothing builds character like boys winning — and, occasionally, losing — together.

“A Woodberry boy learns how to be a good sport,” says a coach and science teacher. “He learns to win and to lose with humility and grace.”

And, he learns to compete. With thirty teams in fourteen sports, Woodberry boys of all skill levels can have opportunities to play. Many boys play a different sport each trimester in facilities that rival those found at many small colleges. Athletics are a central part of community life at Woodberry for good reason: Games last just hours, but the lessons learned last a lifetime.

The Woodberry Way

The balance between academics and athletics is carefully maintained at Woodberry. “The boys are in class six days a week,” says one coach, “and we keep that in mind when we take to the field so we do not overload them.” This approach pays off, with consistently top-performing teams and student-athletes who go on to play in college.

Our commitment to athletics is part of building a Renaissance man at Woodberry. We don’t want our boys to be one-dimensional. We want them to be strong of mind, spirit, and body.” An English Teacher And Assistant Football Coach