The Woodberry Way launches a boy on his lifelong journey. It is a journey of accomplishment and integrity, of service and leadership — of discovering strengths in himself that he never knew he had. That journey transforms a boy of promise into a man of honor.


On the opening day of school, new boys are officially welcomed to Woodberry Forest School in the Walker Building.

Perfecting Education for Boys

The Woodberry classroom is about eye contact and well-formed arguments. It’s about relevant ideas rather than the repetition of facts, about being able to examine complex issues, form sound thoughts, and defend those thoughts skillfully.

Research on boys’ education informs what happens in the classroom. Faculty members design lessons that are engaging, active, and participatory. Boys speak up, move around, and get their hands dirty.

“It’s taken for granted that you understand the material,” explains one sixth-form (senior) student. “In class, you’re expected to elaborate and take the next step with the information.”

With an average class size of ten students, each boy is fully involved. He is asked to do more than he expected, perhaps more than he thinks he can do. But the results are beyond what he could ever imagine.

The Woodberry Way

Throughout his time here, each student is expected to write at least one English paper every week. “From top to bottom, our kids can write an analytical five-page paper,” says one teacher. “There is no doubt the boys are well-prepared for college.”

The class size is small. You can’t hide behind someone else. If you didn’t do your reading, it takes the teacher thirty seconds to notice.” A Sixth-form (senior) Student

The Classroom And Beyond

Classes at Woodberry last forty-five minutes — optimal for the way a teenage boy learns — but teachers are available long after classes end for the day to answer homework questions or offer advice — even to enjoy a post-study milkshake in the Fir Tree snack bar.

Every Woodberry teacher is a long-term adviser for up to ten students, and all teachers are involved in extracurricular activities across campus. As a result, every student knows his teachers as mentors, coaches, trusted advisers, and role models.

“Every student has a close relationship with more than one teacher here,” says a fourth-form student. “They are here to see you succeed. I have teachers I can go to for anything in the world — they will listen and understand me.”

The Woodberry Way

Virtually every member of the Woodberry faculty lives on campus, fully participating in community life, and many serve in the dorms. “We see the boys in all aspects of their life on campus,” one teacher says. “You have conversations you don’t normally have in the classroom. That’s what makes the bond between students and the faculty members so strong.

They see us as more than teachers. We are all in this together. If I meet a bunch of guys in their dorm at 10 PM to help with a project, that tells them something." A Science Teacher And Adviser