Every Woodberry boy joins generations who have gone before him to embark on lives of honor and consequence. There is something about a Woodberry man, regardless of age: He’s confident, centered, and committed to character.


Sixth-form students process down the lawn to Woodberry’s graduation exercises.

Paving The Road Ahead

As soon as a boy arrives at Woodberry Forest School, he begins to prepare for college. His first and sometimes biggest challenges are to understand the opportunity he has been given and to learn to make the most of it.

“We are committed to seeing every boy get off to a good start and helping him live up to his potential,” says one teacher.

Every student is matched with an academic adviser. In most cases, he has the same adviser throughout his time at Woodberry. He also receives support and guidance from Woodberry’s college counseling staff. They help boys take the appropriate tests, prepare applications, and identify colleges that are right for them.

“Many outstanding colleges know Woodberry,” says a member of the college counseling team. “They understand the academic skills that a Woodberry boy develops — the ability to think analytically, to write effectively.”

The Woodberry Way

When a Woodberry boy asks teachers and advisers for college recommendation letters, the result is anything but boilerplate. Faculty members know their students so well that they can write personal, heartfelt letters that make it easy for colleges to understand the strengths of the boy who’s applying. “We really know these students,” says one teacher. “There are no ‘blind date’ recommendations coming out of this school.”

Our joy in realizing that Woodberry is not too good to be true, but is, in fact, even better than we dared to hope, is only dampened by the regret that we did not have the good sense to send our two elder boys your way.” A Parent Of A Rising Fourth-form Student

Connected For A Lifetime

Whenever Woodberry alumni interact with current students, the connection is immediate. Although they may be separated by decades, they know that they share an experience that has remained remarkably consistent over the years.

“Alumni want to stay involved,” says a Woodberry sixth former. “This is such a great experience that they want to make sure future students will have the same opportunity.”

When a boy leaves Woodberry, he joins a worldwide network of Woodberry men, united by a common ambition to serve and excel and by a commitment to leading a life of honor.

“When a fellow Woodberry graduate calls, I drop everything,” says one alumnus. “I know I can trust him. Woodberry is an oasis. It’s like a Camelot. It’s one place in the world that supports integrity every day.”

The Woodberry Way

Woodberry Forest School leads the nation among independent schools in the percentage of alumni who support the school financially. And, thanks to a healthy endowment, it can allocate more funding to each student than the vast majority of independent schools.

As a student, I often shrugged my shoulders naively when I heard graduates say that they thought about Woodberry and missed it every day. I have now become one of those misty-eyed alumni.” a recent graduate